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Merry Christmas Friends


Our cute little Christmas card.  I was very pleased with the way it turned out.  I’ve been doing a little bit of obsessive crocheting which of course fanned out over the last few days.  And I’ve all but given up on my 30 & 365 day challenges lol.  I’m terrible.  So much for trying to make it and get better!  But I did get my studio lights a few weeks ago and have been playing with those.  I also bought the photovision DVD’s in an effort to help myself build up confidence and learn some tricks I would probably otherwise not have learned.  And they are helping tremendously 🙂 I have a few pics to post though as I have been very busy.  I wish I could post my boudoir photos I did last week but she doesn’t want them public and I can’t blame her even though she looks beautiful in all of them!  I took a few Christmas photos of Kedric, 3 month photos of my nephew Bryson with a new hat I crocheted, family photos, some one year old photos and of course the boudoir that I can’t post 🙂




Welp the Thomas family photos will have to wait until next time.  They’re on the portable hard drive and I’m not sure what my son has done with it!  Speaking of hard drives….I’m glad I got the Sam’s Club extended warranty on my computer because here about two weeks ago my computer told me it needed replaced.  So luckily I was able to get what I thought were a few pictures (turned out to be around 8500) off of my computer and onto the portable and the few documents off of here in time.  And to make things even better they were able to transfer everything onto the new hard drive so I didn’t even need to reinstall anything!  So that makes me happy but I do need another portable hard drive.  Mine is full!!!  Merry Christmas every one 🙂 and Happy Holidays! 


Day 26-28 Time to Water

Day 26 Time
Sooooo I wanted to do something like that for the time challenge. It was a 30 second exposure. I was trying to catch the airplanes and lightening bugs in the yard. I guess I should have set the exposure for them for 5 seconds. But our road doesn’t have a lot of traffic and I turned the camera around and set it down fast when I saw the neighbor coming down the road! So here’s my blur of their van with a filter from photoshop.

Day 27 Texture
Well this is either a bean plant or a weed growing in my bean plant row 😀 I’m hoping it’s a bean plant! But I love the texture in this photo….even though it’s grass growing where my beans should be.

Day 28 Water
And last but not least nasty bird bath water. I guess I need to fill it up but it’s one of those things I really don’t care about. The bird bath is located on top of the concrete cover for our septic tank….so yea.