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6 weeks old this time

Went to visit my hubby’s sister and her family. Can’t resist their new little baby boy! Had to take some 6 week photos of him 🙂 He has got to be the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen besides my own of course! I had to reformat my computer due to a virus ughhh and had to redownload all of my actions/presets for photoshop! Took me forever to find the facebook action I love. But I get all of my actions from and the facebook one that I love is from so at least if I lose it again I can look at this blog post instead of searching everywhere for it. I am also interested in trying out lightroom but don’t have a clue how to use it yet! Will probably do the 30 day trial and see if I like it better than photoshop!

WHD_5620 web3

Does he just look like a little native american baby? Haha my little boy sure didn’t look this native!


Our view on Cloth Diapering


We have recently made the switch to cloth diapers.  And I can say I love it!  It is one of those things you can become easily addicted to 🙂 My son had been peeing out of this diapers constantly and I was feeling the pink money wise when it comes to buying another box of diapers that I am throwing away.  Oh yea I got my money’s worth alright…NOT.  I just hate the idea of throwing money away so I found out a friend of mine cloth diapered from taking her newborn’s photos and she was obsessed about it like we all are and sort of talked me into it.  And then I find out two other friends of mine from town both cloth diaper so well there it went I was hooked already and hadn’t bought the first diaper.  HA HA. 

Well I found the cloth diaper swapper page on facebook and bought a few used covers and inserts on there for cheap and then got some prefolds and pocket diapers off of  Then a couple more from a BOGO free deal.  I really like the prefolds and covers.  We’ve been using the pocket diapers for naps/bedtime which works great because you can double stuff those and he won’t pee out. 

The poo is what is getting to me.  Most of the time since we’ve made the cloth diaper switch his poo is more solid and plops into the toilet.  It’s weird how his poo changed since we switched to cloth but it did and I’ve read on other blogs the same thing.  But anyways I ramble…sometimes we get some icky poos and it completely grosses me out scraping it out into the toilet so we’re going to do the homemade diaper sprayer toilet attachment.  For about $20 they say we can make a diaper sprayer instead of buying the $40 one.  I have a DIYer hubby so this will be no problem!  Plus he had to scrape a diaper the other day and said he wasn’t too keen on it…haha.  Here’s a link to the blog that has the info on the diaper sprayer….


Just my two cents.  In case you’re wondering we are using 3 BumGenius and 1 Alba pockets, 2 grovia shells which are a little small for my chunker, 2 flips which I love, 1 homemade camo cow patties cloth diaper, 1 thirsties duo (which I loved until I got the flips and now I love the flips better), and 14 prefolds. Also here is a link to a facebook page that sells cheap well made cloth diapers!

And here are a few pics featuring some new backgrounds I just bought…and my extremely cooperative photo subject…hahaha.



Update for the Night Owls

Well I’m thinking about buying a domain name finally.  I’m a little stuck on which name I should go with though.  But is available and so is and  I like the first one best obviously but am wondering if it is too long? 

I really wanted to post a pinterest thingy that I did but it has too much information on it so I can’t!  BUMMER.  I can describe it though!  In photoshop I made a little plaque thingy.  It has my sons name, birthday, and newborn stats.  I’m going to have it printed and glue it onto a board painted grey or black and hang it in his room.  I’m going to use that modge podge stuff or whatever it’s called.  I can’t remember.  You can go to my facebook page and view it I just didn’t want to put it on here.

I’m really sad I’ve given up on my photo challenges but I just couldn’t seem to keep to them with a toddler running around!  His naps are getting shorter and shorter!  When he does nap all I want to do is sit around or clean house!  But one good thing is I’m almost to 200 fans on my facebook page.  I wonder if I’ll ever make it to a 1,000.  I think it would be amazing to be that busy taking photos.  That is my dream/goal.  I want to make this a full time professional business but still time to spend with my family.  I love everything I’m doing so far.  In fact I’ll post a few newborn photos since I haven’t been on here in awhile. 

Merry Christmas Friends


Our cute little Christmas card.  I was very pleased with the way it turned out.  I’ve been doing a little bit of obsessive crocheting which of course fanned out over the last few days.  And I’ve all but given up on my 30 & 365 day challenges lol.  I’m terrible.  So much for trying to make it and get better!  But I did get my studio lights a few weeks ago and have been playing with those.  I also bought the photovision DVD’s in an effort to help myself build up confidence and learn some tricks I would probably otherwise not have learned.  And they are helping tremendously 🙂 I have a few pics to post though as I have been very busy.  I wish I could post my boudoir photos I did last week but she doesn’t want them public and I can’t blame her even though she looks beautiful in all of them!  I took a few Christmas photos of Kedric, 3 month photos of my nephew Bryson with a new hat I crocheted, family photos, some one year old photos and of course the boudoir that I can’t post 🙂




Welp the Thomas family photos will have to wait until next time.  They’re on the portable hard drive and I’m not sure what my son has done with it!  Speaking of hard drives….I’m glad I got the Sam’s Club extended warranty on my computer because here about two weeks ago my computer told me it needed replaced.  So luckily I was able to get what I thought were a few pictures (turned out to be around 8500) off of my computer and onto the portable and the few documents off of here in time.  And to make things even better they were able to transfer everything onto the new hard drive so I didn’t even need to reinstall anything!  So that makes me happy but I do need another portable hard drive.  Mine is full!!!  Merry Christmas every one 🙂 and Happy Holidays! 

Whitaker Family Outing

Well we joined the Whitaker’s today for a photo shoot. We brought our son along to help get their daughter’s attention 🙂 My son snuck into one of the pictures and I had to edit him out! It was sooo cute though!

Two of my favorites. This is a natural sun flare in both of these photos…well all of them that have a sun flare! Just a little color editing to brighten the rest of the picture up!

I love love love these two outside pics! I think they are so adorable!

How can you not love this little cutie 🙂

What a fun beautiful day! Not too many more days like this so it was good we took advantage of it! First time I’ve tried these web templates and I think they turned out great. They’re from the coffeeshopblog! Sure made them fast to upload and didn’t eat up much of my internet 🙂

Day 14 – way behind

Day 14 Eyes
My husband thinks this is soooo gay but I couldn’t do it to myself or my son because I couldn’t get my camera to focus just on my eyes and my son’s eyes are way too dark. Mine are pretty brown too so it wouldn’t have looked as cool. My husband’s eyes have this ring around them and they’re lighter than ours. Pretty simple trick even if it does look gay…just add a new layer. Harden the brush and paint rainbow circles inside the eyes then gaussian blur it til it is pretty fuzzy and change layer to overlay and wahlaw! And of course erase any mistakes 🙂

Day 6 – 8

Day 6 From a Low Angle
I had to put two up because I loved them both. I wanted to do this while it was sunny and even waited an extra day or two but alas no sun just rain! But rain means rain droplets on the leaves!

Day 7 Fruit
My son loves bananas! But now that he’s turned one he’s decided to protest quite a few foods so we have to keep something he likes on hand!

Day 8 A Bad Habit
UGH I feel like I’m on facebook ALL the time! Checking my business page, checking my email, checking facebook, and it’s so hard to not be addicted to it! I’m trying out Google plus though and hoping it’s a little easier to use. It seems like I miss out on a lot of my friend’s goings ons. Haha…

Curvy Sunset 67-73

Day 67: Curves

We stayed at this place in Wilmington that was amazing. Our friends rented the place and I can’t believe how cool it was! I loved this bowl. The color and shape of it was so pretty. Of course the babies loved it too and kept trying to touch it 🙂

Day 68: Vegetable

Here’s to the garden! Actually I had to go buy a bunch of green beans haha. But I learned how to can this summer. Really was worth it…knowing that we’re going to be eating pretty much garden fresh vegetables this winter. I canned as much as I could and hopefully still have a little bit more to can.

Day 69: Leather

Little buddy of mine again but this time he is in his daddy’s mustang. Sorry can’t remember the year but I think it’s a 65….maybe. Haha don’t know a whole lot about cars but I sure did love the interior of this one! Whoever did it did a nice job!

Day 70: Speed

Oh this sign cracked my husband and I up!!! Seriously! I think this is too funny. They made the sign so dramatic like people are really stupid and don’t know how to use their brakes on their bikes or even get off if they realize the hill is too steep. I’d say anyone brave enough to bike this area would at least know better but I suppose there is a world of stupid people and that’d be the reason for this sign! Just takes one!

Day 71: Black

This loft we stayed in was rebuild from an older building in downtown Wilmington. You could tell where they added on brick and in this case it looks like there used to be a fire place here. Actually it looked like there had been several fireplaces/chimney’s in the area. There were 3 black streaks on the walls. This place was amazing. I wish we could live in it! Or it was ours to use as a vacation home!
Day 72: Pencil
I’m working on a drawing…well sort of just when I have the chance and the weather isn’t gorgeous out!

Day 73: Sunset
The sunset for Day 5 From a High Angle will work for this one! I just need to post these or they’ll never get posted maybe one day I’ll catch up!

Day 5 From a High Angle

We went out to Brown County today to take some family pics. And it was absolutely beautiful out! It’s too bad we haven’t had more fall weekends like this. Brown County was packed with people taking pictures and just sightseeing watching the leaves change colors. And this is definitely from a high angle. It is Hesitation Point on the mountain biking trails. Called thus because I believe the view is worth a hesitation and breather. It is quite the climb up here. I actually hate this particular trail because of the rocks. I’m not very good at mountain biking over large rocks. I usually have to get off and walk or kick my bike down the hill!!!

And I thought I would add our family picture as well. We really need to have pictures done but alas the life of an aspiring photographer and lack of money! So we copy and paste to get a baby smile!!

Day 3 Clouds

Day 3 Clouds
Ok so I’ll admit I did forget….and it was a beautiful day. But it’s also a beautiful night. Not too many clouds out but still pretty. 30 second exposure with horses moving in the bottom part of the photo there.