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6 weeks old this time

Went to visit my hubby’s sister and her family. Can’t resist their new little baby boy! Had to take some 6 week photos of him 🙂 He has got to be the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen besides my own of course! I had to reformat my computer due to a virus ughhh and had to redownload all of my actions/presets for photoshop! Took me forever to find the facebook action I love. But I get all of my actions from and the facebook one that I love is from so at least if I lose it again I can look at this blog post instead of searching everywhere for it. I am also interested in trying out lightroom but don’t have a clue how to use it yet! Will probably do the 30 day trial and see if I like it better than photoshop!

WHD_5620 web3

Does he just look like a little native american baby? Haha my little boy sure didn’t look this native!


The Girls in Purple

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Ahhh my wonderful nieces.  Their grandma made them these adorable fleece outfits to wear to church.  The girls were very excited to wear them especially the oldest.  She couldn’t wait to wear hers to school on Monday!  We used a piece of fleece for the background which worked out very nicely.  It was a little hard getting the younger one to cooperate because it was her bed time and you could tell she was sleepy but the pictures turned out great.  We were able to get the youngest girl to smile by asking for a cheesy smile!