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Baby Photography


6 weeks old this time

Went to visit my hubby’s sister and her family. Can’t resist their new little baby boy! Had to take some 6 week photos of him 🙂 He has got to be the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen besides my own of course! I had to reformat my computer due to a virus ughhh and had to redownload all of my actions/presets for photoshop! Took me forever to find the facebook action I love. But I get all of my actions from and the facebook one that I love is from so at least if I lose it again I can look at this blog post instead of searching everywhere for it. I am also interested in trying out lightroom but don’t have a clue how to use it yet! Will probably do the 30 day trial and see if I like it better than photoshop!

WHD_5620 web3

Does he just look like a little native american baby? Haha my little boy sure didn’t look this native!


Our view on Cloth Diapering


We have recently made the switch to cloth diapers.  And I can say I love it!  It is one of those things you can become easily addicted to 🙂 My son had been peeing out of this diapers constantly and I was feeling the pink money wise when it comes to buying another box of diapers that I am throwing away.  Oh yea I got my money’s worth alright…NOT.  I just hate the idea of throwing money away so I found out a friend of mine cloth diapered from taking her newborn’s photos and she was obsessed about it like we all are and sort of talked me into it.  And then I find out two other friends of mine from town both cloth diaper so well there it went I was hooked already and hadn’t bought the first diaper.  HA HA. 

Well I found the cloth diaper swapper page on facebook and bought a few used covers and inserts on there for cheap and then got some prefolds and pocket diapers off of  Then a couple more from a BOGO free deal.  I really like the prefolds and covers.  We’ve been using the pocket diapers for naps/bedtime which works great because you can double stuff those and he won’t pee out. 

The poo is what is getting to me.  Most of the time since we’ve made the cloth diaper switch his poo is more solid and plops into the toilet.  It’s weird how his poo changed since we switched to cloth but it did and I’ve read on other blogs the same thing.  But anyways I ramble…sometimes we get some icky poos and it completely grosses me out scraping it out into the toilet so we’re going to do the homemade diaper sprayer toilet attachment.  For about $20 they say we can make a diaper sprayer instead of buying the $40 one.  I have a DIYer hubby so this will be no problem!  Plus he had to scrape a diaper the other day and said he wasn’t too keen on it…haha.  Here’s a link to the blog that has the info on the diaper sprayer….


Just my two cents.  In case you’re wondering we are using 3 BumGenius and 1 Alba pockets, 2 grovia shells which are a little small for my chunker, 2 flips which I love, 1 homemade camo cow patties cloth diaper, 1 thirsties duo (which I loved until I got the flips and now I love the flips better), and 14 prefolds. Also here is a link to a facebook page that sells cheap well made cloth diapers!

And here are a few pics featuring some new backgrounds I just bought…and my extremely cooperative photo subject…hahaha.



Crochet Horsey Hat

This is a crochet horsey hat. It’s a really simple pattern and I seem to get most of my views from fellow crocheters so I thought I would say Merry Christmas and here’s a free pattern 🙂

Here’s the website for the original pattern.
Size J hook 0-3 months

*Dc2tog- (Yo, insert hook into next st and draw up a lp. Yo and draw through 2 lps) twice, yo and draw through all 3 lps on hook
*Dc3tog- (Yo, insert hook into next st and draw up a lp. Yo and draw through 2 lps) 3 times, yo and draw through all 4 lps on hook

Using A (main color), Ch 3 sl st in first ch to form ring.
Round 1- Ch 3 (counts as first dc now and throughout). Dc 10 in ring. Sl st in third ch.
Round 2- Ch 3. Dc in same st as ch 3. Dc twice in each dc around. Sl st in third ch. (22 dc.)
Round 3- Ch 3. Dc twice in next dc. *Dc, 2dc* around until 1 dc remain. Dc in last dc. Sl st in third ch. (33 dc.)
Round 4- Ch 3. *Dc twice in next dc, dc in next 2 dc.* Repeat around until 2 dc remain. 2dc, dc in last dc. Sl st. (Should have 44 dc.)
Round 5- Ch 3. Dc in each dc around. Sl st.
Change color to color B. Dc in each dc around. Sl st. Cut yarn (or you may hold the yarn along the back to save yourself from weaving in an extra strand at the end.)
Change color to color C. Dc in each dc around. Sl st. Cut yarn.
Change color to color B. Dc in each dc around. Sl st. Cut yarn.
Change color to color A. Dc in each dc around. Sl st.
Sl st in next 6 st.
# For ear flap:
Ch 3. Dc in next 8 dc. Turn.
Ch 3. Dc2tog. Dc next 3 dc. Dc2tog. Dc in last st (the first ch 3). Turn.
Ch 3. Dc2tog, dc next 1 dc, dc2tog, dc in last st. Turn.
Ch 3. Dc3tog. Dc in last st. Cut yarn and pull through.
Fold hat in half and sl st in dc directly across from last dc from the other earflap. Follow directions the starting at #.
After the second earflap, use color C and attach to back of hat. Sc around earflap hat. Sl st in first sc. Cut yarn and pull through. Add braids, tassel, pom pom, or flower to side. TADA! You’re done! J Enjoy the pattern!

The way I add braids:
I take the same color yarn (still holding 2 together) and cut about 6 strands of each color (about 4 or 5 feet long). Working through the bottom of the earflaps, pull all color A through sc until folded in half. Do the same for the other 2 colors. Tie all colors together, forming the knot directly under the earflap (at the top of the braid). Separate colors and braid colors (I like to braid tightly). When desired length is reached, tie yarn again in a knot at the bottom of the braid. Cut extra yarn off bottom to make ends even. Do the same to the other side and you got yourself an adorable ear flap hat!

The ears are kind of weird but they look cute!
Ears – ch. 10.
Sc in next 2 sts, hdc in next, dc in next 2 sts, triple crochet in next 2 sts, and quadruple crochet in next 2 sts (just add one more loop to the triple crochet).

With another color. Ch. 9, sc across.
Ch. 1, sctog, sc, sctog – 6
Ch. 1, sc across – 6
Ch. 1, sctog, sc, sctog – 4
Ch. 1, sc across – 4
Ch. 1, sctog – 2
Ch. 1, sc across – 1.

Now put these on top of each other with the bigger one in the back and you can either sew them together or what I did was single crocheted them together which made them look better in my opinion. Just keep the bottoms aligned.

I just cut up a bunch of small pieces or strung a long piece of yarn through a stitching needle and tied them onto the hat in various places to make it look like a mane. Thanks enjoy!