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1st Annual Nursing Mama’s Mini Session

So I and a few friends will be hosting our 1st every Nursing Mama’s Mini Session!  We are so excited about this!  I can’t tell you how much I miss breastfeeding.  I stopped at 12 1/2 months for two reasons….one because I thought a year was the norm and it was ‘time’ to quit and two because I was below my pre-pregnacy weight and looked like hell!  I still do haha but am slowly gaining it back.  But I have only one photo of me nursing my little boy.  Just one and guess what?  It was taken with my phone in the hospital right after he was born because I was so proud of the moment when he had finally latched on by himself without help.  I did try to take some ‘nice’ ones but I was too embarrassed to ask my husband to take them and so used a tripod and absolutely none of them turned out.  I deleted them.  Yep sure did.  Wish I hadn’t now though!

This photo shoot is for you.  You who know breastfeeding is beautiful and aggravating.  Those beautiful moments when your heart swells with pride that you only you nourished this little person and aggravating when he bites you or kicks your drink out of your hand and spills it all over you 🙂 all of those moments.  Of course I’m going to get the beautiful ones so you’ll always have them to treasure!!!  =D


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