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James Donald Blogged

My adorable nephew!  He was amazing for these photos.  I’ve been waiting awhile to get pictures like this….the more artsy kind.  And finally I was able to get them!  I’m only going to post a few though…I have kind of crappy internet with a 5GB limit….sigh.


Update for the Night Owls

Well I’m thinking about buying a domain name finally.  I’m a little stuck on which name I should go with though.  But is available and so is and  I like the first one best obviously but am wondering if it is too long? 

I really wanted to post a pinterest thingy that I did but it has too much information on it so I can’t!  BUMMER.  I can describe it though!  In photoshop I made a little plaque thingy.  It has my sons name, birthday, and newborn stats.  I’m going to have it printed and glue it onto a board painted grey or black and hang it in his room.  I’m going to use that modge podge stuff or whatever it’s called.  I can’t remember.  You can go to my facebook page and view it I just didn’t want to put it on here.

I’m really sad I’ve given up on my photo challenges but I just couldn’t seem to keep to them with a toddler running around!  His naps are getting shorter and shorter!  When he does nap all I want to do is sit around or clean house!  But one good thing is I’m almost to 200 fans on my facebook page.  I wonder if I’ll ever make it to a 1,000.  I think it would be amazing to be that busy taking photos.  That is my dream/goal.  I want to make this a full time professional business but still time to spend with my family.  I love everything I’m doing so far.  In fact I’ll post a few newborn photos since I haven’t been on here in awhile.