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Whitaker Family Outing

Well we joined the Whitaker’s today for a photo shoot. We brought our son along to help get their daughter’s attention 🙂 My son snuck into one of the pictures and I had to edit him out! It was sooo cute though!

Two of my favorites. This is a natural sun flare in both of these photos…well all of them that have a sun flare! Just a little color editing to brighten the rest of the picture up!

I love love love these two outside pics! I think they are so adorable!

How can you not love this little cutie 🙂

What a fun beautiful day! Not too many more days like this so it was good we took advantage of it! First time I’ve tried these web templates and I think they turned out great. They’re from the coffeeshopblog! Sure made them fast to upload and didn’t eat up much of my internet 🙂


Day 15 & 16

Day 15 & 16 Silhouette and Long Exposure
Ok I know this is cheating but eh…I’ve been wanting to do the silhouette outside and never got around to it and ditto to the long exposure. I should have done it the other night or so when the moon was a sliver. But here comes the shadow puppets. The exposure wasn’t that long but I couldn’t find my tripod anywhere so I couldn’t do one for very long. My husband was doing this in an effort to catch our son’s attention but alas he has toys to play with! They are so much more important and cooler mind you 🙂

Stay at Home Momdom’s

Getting kind of bored here lately! I know it’s hard to be bored with a toddler running around but I think it’s the stuck in the house boredom…not looking forward to winter! 😦 I love the snow…I mean if it’s going to be cold it might as well snow right? It’s better than rain anyways. But here lately I’ve been craving female company. Facebook, cell phones/texts, and skype just aren’t doing it for me anymore. I’d love to join MOPS or one of the MOM’s Club groups in town but we’re on the Dave Ramsey budget and well extracurriculars really aren’t in the budget right now. And it doesn’t help that I’m kind of shy…not very good at approaching people and generally get nervous when I do and talk a lot 🙂 so if anyone has any suggestions hit me up! I’m open for anything really. I’ve lived here for about 3 or so years and haven’t really made any friends my age. I’d just love to find someone that’s close to my age with a child about the same age as mine (13 months). I feel like I should place an ad on or something haha. You would think in the digital age it wouldn’t be so hard to make friends but apparently it is when you’re a stay at home mom and not out in the working world meeting other women/men. And most of my husband’s friends…ok well all of the 2 or 3 that live here in Columbus are single. We joined a church group awhile back and it’s great I love our social times as well as the time we spend studying the bible but I’m the youngest in the group and most of the other women work.

I’d just like to go on walks or go to the park or something simple like that just to spend time with another person other than my husband and son 🙂

Day 14 – way behind

Day 14 Eyes
My husband thinks this is soooo gay but I couldn’t do it to myself or my son because I couldn’t get my camera to focus just on my eyes and my son’s eyes are way too dark. Mine are pretty brown too so it wouldn’t have looked as cool. My husband’s eyes have this ring around them and they’re lighter than ours. Pretty simple trick even if it does look gay…just add a new layer. Harden the brush and paint rainbow circles inside the eyes then gaussian blur it til it is pretty fuzzy and change layer to overlay and wahlaw! And of course erase any mistakes 🙂