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Days 9 to 13

Someone you Love
This should be really easy 🙂 He’s really going to hate me when he’s older but isn’t he the cutest!!!

Childhood Memory
I got this when my aunt and uncle married. I was really young. I think I was around four. So I’ve had this for a long time. It’s kind of sad because they’re going through a divorce right now. I’ve always treasured this mainly because it was one of the first pieces of jewelry I had ever received.

Something Blue
I immediately thought of my wedding day but couldn’t find something that I wanted to take a picture of that blue on it so I wandered around outside and realized well…the sky is BLUE! So I went across the road to the neighbor’s house and wanted to see if my old dog could still jump on the round bales. She could of course haha. So she went nuts on them and almost fell off but had fun 🙂

I was trying to get a good picture of my husband throwing my son in the air but it was harder than I thought…maybe people do it with more light out because all of mine were blurry.

Me with 13 Things
Took me awhile to figure out how to do this one…I didn’t want to just use random things around me. I wanted these 13 things to sort of represent me. So they are all horsey related 🙂 bridle, bit, spurs, boots, horse chest, brush, saddle, girth, halter, vetrolin (pretty spray & sunscreen), blanket, breast collar, and saddle cover. That’s pretty much everything I need to ride a horse and a little extra!


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