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Curvy Sunset 67-73

Day 67: Curves

We stayed at this place in Wilmington that was amazing. Our friends rented the place and I can’t believe how cool it was! I loved this bowl. The color and shape of it was so pretty. Of course the babies loved it too and kept trying to touch it 🙂

Day 68: Vegetable

Here’s to the garden! Actually I had to go buy a bunch of green beans haha. But I learned how to can this summer. Really was worth it…knowing that we’re going to be eating pretty much garden fresh vegetables this winter. I canned as much as I could and hopefully still have a little bit more to can.

Day 69: Leather

Little buddy of mine again but this time he is in his daddy’s mustang. Sorry can’t remember the year but I think it’s a 65….maybe. Haha don’t know a whole lot about cars but I sure did love the interior of this one! Whoever did it did a nice job!

Day 70: Speed

Oh this sign cracked my husband and I up!!! Seriously! I think this is too funny. They made the sign so dramatic like people are really stupid and don’t know how to use their brakes on their bikes or even get off if they realize the hill is too steep. I’d say anyone brave enough to bike this area would at least know better but I suppose there is a world of stupid people and that’d be the reason for this sign! Just takes one!

Day 71: Black

This loft we stayed in was rebuild from an older building in downtown Wilmington. You could tell where they added on brick and in this case it looks like there used to be a fire place here. Actually it looked like there had been several fireplaces/chimney’s in the area. There were 3 black streaks on the walls. This place was amazing. I wish we could live in it! Or it was ours to use as a vacation home!
Day 72: Pencil
I’m working on a drawing…well sort of just when I have the chance and the weather isn’t gorgeous out!

Day 73: Sunset
The sunset for Day 5 From a High Angle will work for this one! I just need to post these or they’ll never get posted maybe one day I’ll catch up!


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