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Day 4 Something Green

Day 4 Something Green
Ok so originally I was going to take a picture of something ‘green’ like earth friendly but apparently we’re not hippies lol. I looked and looked and well to be honest the only thing we do is recycle plastic water bottles so I suppose we’re not really that ‘green.’ So here is a pretty little weed that the bees and butterflies love.

And since it was absolutely gorgeous out here today here is a picture of our beautiful pond and trees in our backyard. Sometimes I love it so much out here I wonder how we’ll ever be able to sell it. Hopefully when we do sell it we’ll find something not too far away 🙂 so we can stay in this area. I took these pictures using the vivid image option on my camera and I wish that I had left it on JPG images only instead of basic and RAW. When I shoot this way the RAW version is plain and has to be re-edited to try to match the vivid version. So sometimes I see it’s better to switch to JPG instead of always shooting in RAW. It would save some editing in some cases anyways.


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