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Day 1 Self Portrait & Day 2 What I Wore Today

Day 1 Self Portrait
I’ve actually been working on a self portrait for 3 evenings! I came up with a good idea but have decided to use it for the faceless portrait. We ran into a bit of a problem! My purse/wallet were stolen out of my car the other night so I spent yesterday running to the banks to cancel everything and today running around trying to get my ID’s replaced. UGH what a hassle! Still the thing I’m most aggravated about was my birthday gift cards. 😦 so no new clothes or a pan rack for me! So anyway here is my self portrait and I think it turned out great!

Day 2 What I Wore Today
I pretty much wear this belt everyday!!! My Christmas present from the best husband ever 🙂 I love this belt!


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