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Emotions: Days 60-66

Emotions: Fear

Very good thing to have a healthy fear of lol. We were watching the staff feed them with these pointy sticks. And they looked pretty scared. I’m pretty sure that you couldn’t pay me enough to stand by the edge of the water and feed a bunch of hungry sharks!

Emotions: Joy

Pretty sure you can’t get much more joyful than a pregnant woman! Such a beautiful picture…love her expression and the pose. Pregnant women really do glow. I didn’t believe it while I was pregnant but I notice them more now and they certainly do have a glow about them.

Emotions: Disgust

Little Ethan was getting tired of getting his picture taken…haha he looks disgusted with us in this pic. Like seriously guys I’m supposed to think that’s funny!!! Love this little man so much!

Emotions: Surprise

My son had this awesome look of surprise on his face while watching the penguins. Wish you could see it but I’m sure you get the point! He was totally amazed and loved the aquarium!

Emotions: Sadness

This is one sad little boy! He was OVER being in the car and the car rides! He couldn’t wait to crawl around on the floor and be a little monster!

Emotions: Happiness

Gangsta baby! That says it all! Again can’t tell ya how much I love this little guy! Wish I could see him more but he is definitely my nephew if not in blood then in my heart!

Emotions: Anger

This little man was done. He didn’t want anything to do with his buddy or the grass or the picture taking 🙂 haha he was being a stinker! He wanted his mommy!


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