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Emotions: Days 60-66

Emotions: Fear

Very good thing to have a healthy fear of lol. We were watching the staff feed them with these pointy sticks. And they looked pretty scared. I’m pretty sure that you couldn’t pay me enough to stand by the edge of the water and feed a bunch of hungry sharks!

Emotions: Joy

Pretty sure you can’t get much more joyful than a pregnant woman! Such a beautiful picture…love her expression and the pose. Pregnant women really do glow. I didn’t believe it while I was pregnant but I notice them more now and they certainly do have a glow about them.

Emotions: Disgust

Little Ethan was getting tired of getting his picture taken…haha he looks disgusted with us in this pic. Like seriously guys I’m supposed to think that’s funny!!! Love this little man so much!

Emotions: Surprise

My son had this awesome look of surprise on his face while watching the penguins. Wish you could see it but I’m sure you get the point! He was totally amazed and loved the aquarium!

Emotions: Sadness

This is one sad little boy! He was OVER being in the car and the car rides! He couldn’t wait to crawl around on the floor and be a little monster!

Emotions: Happiness

Gangsta baby! That says it all! Again can’t tell ya how much I love this little guy! Wish I could see him more but he is definitely my nephew if not in blood then in my heart!

Emotions: Anger

This little man was done. He didn’t want anything to do with his buddy or the grass or the picture taking 🙂 haha he was being a stinker! He wanted his mommy!


Building Materials: 53 – 59

53 Building Materials: Brick

This is our ‘fake’ brick that is laid out really crappily (made up word I know) outside of our patio doors. Well I guess it’s real brick because it’s brick but it’s not what I would have laid out. I really want a real brick patio with real bricks. I think that would look pretty especially since we’re planning to build a deck outside of our living room and connecting it to our bedroom. Then we can have a trellis with vines and pretty flowers hanging down. 🙂

54 Building Materials: Stone

I actually kind of like this stone that was laid out front of our house but we’re going to have to remove it when we seal our basement. I’m sure it will come in handy for something. I think we’re planning to put a garage to the side of our house and a front porch/deck on the front of our house and then there will be concrete for the garage so no room for stones but hopefully there will be a few built in flower beds and a couple of benches and a porch swing.

55 Building Materials: Stucco

Let’s pretend this has stucco on it 😀 it does have stuff in between the beams but uhh not sure what it is!!! I’m so far behind I don’t think it matters but this is from our vacation in the Smokey Mountains. This is right outside of Gatlinburg on Cade’s Cove I believe.

56 Building Materials: Concrete

There’s a hand print on our front porch steps. Thought I’d take a picture of it because we’re going to be getting rid of these steps. My cousin said they are solid concrete and pushing into our house’s foundation which isn’t a good thing. I always wonder if people realize when they’re personalizing something if someday down the road someone else will destroy it? It kind of makes me sad. I mean we’re working on our house and we’re personalizing it for us but it’s not our forever home so we’re trying to stay kind of neutral but something or some color I love someone else might hate.

57 Building Materials: Asphalt

Just a photo of our road. I thought it would look neat to take a picture of the lines going down the road but anywhere there are lines on the road is normally way too busy of a road to lay down in the road with an expensive camera and take a picture lol. So gonna stick with the less busy roads!

58 Building Materials: Wood

So for my husband’s birthday I had everyone give him cash so he could go out and buy himself a woodworking tool. We’ve been a little obsessed with Craigslist lately. So he finally found a jointer/planar that was the right price so him and his friend went to Plainfield to get it. And he was playing with it last night. He went to the woods and found a couple of tree branches him and his brother in law had cut down a couple of weeks ago and using his table saw cut it down to size then used his planar to plane the edges of it so it would be even and smooth. So he was pretty excited about it 🙂 and now he’s going to try to make some tree branch looking shelves to go on our son’s wall where I painted a tree.

59 Building Materials: Blocks

Old fashioned fencing. Not much to it but sure was a lot of work!