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Photoshop Fun = Family Photo

Oh it is soooo hard to take a family photo! It’s not so bad when you’re a couple all you have to do is pose right and fix your hair but when you add a kid or more that doesn’t understand the words be still and smile then you’re in trouble! So here is my advantage. Ok yes I’m a photographer so a great camera is one advantage but the best advantage is photoshop 😀 So here I’ve taken several pics of us using my tripod and self timer. Forget about posing when there’s a self timer haha! But anyways…I’ve selected the best looking photo of each of us and plastered them all on one photo to make a nice family pic. It’s been forever since we’ve had a nice family pic so this one turned out great! Thank God for overcast days!

I uploaded these photos to my blog because they aren’t uploading right on my facebook page. I’m so upset about it too because I have a lot of photos to upload! When I upload them they are blurry and very pixelated and really who is going to want a photographer if the photos on their page are all blurry and poor quality? So I’m seriously upset about it and have no idea what to do!


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