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Day 42 we never have it – Day 45

Day 42 Soda

Ok so this and the internet has been why I haven’t posted on my blog! Awful but we hardley NEVER drink soda. The only time we ever have it in our house is when our family comes to visit. And since they don’t visit too often we never seem to have it. So drink up!

Day 43 Tea

I’m an avid tea drinker. I actually think I drink so much tea my blood type is tea positive ha ha ha…yea I know lame! But in the winter time I drink a hot cup every morning to warm up and in the summer it’s ice tea all the way baby! A little contrasty and a little abstract with the close up view and contrast. I just finished a glass and am about to go make another gallon 🙂

Day 44 Wine

A nice little sip of wine every now and then 🙂 I actually really like this photo. I didn’t know the cork had all of this stuff written on it. It’s such a nice little addition that most people probably wouldn’t even notice. I’ve gone back to liking sweet wine again. Of course it’s been awhile since I even had a little sip but I lika me some sweet stuff 😀

Day 45 Cocktail

Ok so yea we don’t have cocktails so I made this one up. Pretend ok? This is about as close to a cocktail as I’m gonna get LOL. Now I was so tempted to pick up those Martguerita mixes at Walmart yesterday because they were only $1.97 and they were already pre-made. Pretty tempting 🙂


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