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Black and White Series: Days 46 – 52

Day 46 Black and White: Light Streaks

So I was thinking and thinking about how I could do this one and was perusing through my most recent pictures and came across fireworks! So duh! I’ve never taken pictures of fireworks before so a lot of them didn’t turn out. And I didn’t have a tripod either….I was using the hood of my car and my not as still as I thought they were hands.

Day 47 Black and White: Portrait

I did this photo session a week or so ago. I really enjoyed it and a lot of the pictures turned out amazing! Visit my facebook page at They were laughing and so much fun to take pictures of. My husband and I really like this one because of the shadowy contrast with all of the highlights.

Day 48 Black and White: Flower

Pretty little lilac like flower during our horse photo shoot. The photographer that took my pictures of our wedding (Stacy Able) did something kind of like this. Hers is way better of course but I still thought I’d give it a try! I held the flower lol just because it was tangled in a mess of flowers that this seemed the easier way to do it. This was super fun! I’ve been wanting to take pictures of my friend and her horse for awhile but it seemed we kept missing each other. I had also never met her horse before and let me tell ya this horse is a gorgeous girl! She’s got a little bit of arabian in her which you can tell from her face and neck.

Day 49 Black and White: Shadows

This is one of my favorite pictures of all times. After I took it I looked at my camera and was amazed. I love this picture! I think it’s a great composition and shows shadows in black and white excellently! It really captures the blacks and the whites. It’s really a perfect portrait of a woman and her horse, she looks like of wild like the horse with her hair hanging down like it is. Have I said I love this picture? I think it really captures the beauty of how much we horse women love our horses. Not just anyone can ride and love a horse like we do. It really takes someone special like my friend here 😀

Day 50 Black and White: Water in Motion

We were over at my parent’s friend’s little cabin on the lake and a storm started blowing in. It didn’t rain much but it really made the water look deep and blue. When I look at this picture again on the preview page I can almost see the water and clouds moving. Sure was pretty!

Day 51 Black and White: Spot Color

Usually when I have trouble I look on the flickr photo pool for ideas but I’m really proud of myself haha I didn’t look! The first thing that came to mind for this one was just a spot of color in a black and white picture. I’m sure others took it that way too but I at least didn’t copy ideas off of someone else! Again it’s my first time taking pictures of fireworks and without a tripod haha so hopefully they’re not too terrible!

Day 52 Black and White: Tree

Ummmm…..tree? Haha I’m running out of ideas and I know I’ve already taken a really good picture of a tree and posted it on here so there! This is a pretty silhouette of trees with a gorgeous sunset in the background. I didn’t even realize I had taken this on my trek for more blog pictures. What a nice surprise! Ok so I just noticed something really weird. I uploaded this picture and took a look at it and it doesn’t look the same as the one I have in my file…it’s almost like the edits I made didn’t go through. The one I have saved is a little more orange and has a softer hazy effect on it. Weird!


2 responses

  1. Aww.thanks for the comment about me and my horse! Can’t wait till we get a chance to do some more photos I didn’t know i could look so good in a pictures. (usually i try and stay out them because of this fact) But really you made it look amazing!

    July 20, 2011 at 12:09 pm

  2. whitehorsedesigns

    You’re welcome and I knew you would look great in these pictures!

    July 20, 2011 at 12:33 pm

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