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We are free…

Wow is all I can say about church service today. Alanna Story, a Christian duo, sang some songs at our church and it felt like they were singing it to me. It felt like they were talking to me. Cause of a love that can cripple the strong man, sacrifices the cradle the broken, awakens my soul from sleep. Now I normally don’t like Christian music. It all sounds the same to me which some people will say about country and while that’s true as well it’s what I grew up listening to. So I was mildly surprised to find myself liking this song and these two women’s music. They remind me of Serena Ryder with that deep kind of husky voice. I’ve been feeling pulled towards God more lately. Like He wants more out of me than being the typical label of a Christian. More than going to church and attending small group. More than being just nice and personable. And after hearing these girls speak and sing today along with our pastor’s message I feel more like I’m heading in the right direction. I want a stronger relationship with Jesus, a more personal relationship. I want to hear verses in my head and hear Him speak to me. And I want to know what He wants me to do and I want to do it! I’ve always been too afraid to open my heart enough to hear Him calling because I’ve always been afraid I wouldn’t be strong enough to do His bidding. But I can do all things through Christ and He will never give us more than we can handle.

So anyways Kenny found this locust coming out of his shell yesterday and I thought it would be a good picture to go along with this blog post….we are free.


Photoshop Fun = Family Photo

Oh it is soooo hard to take a family photo! It’s not so bad when you’re a couple all you have to do is pose right and fix your hair but when you add a kid or more that doesn’t understand the words be still and smile then you’re in trouble! So here is my advantage. Ok yes I’m a photographer so a great camera is one advantage but the best advantage is photoshop 😀 So here I’ve taken several pics of us using my tripod and self timer. Forget about posing when there’s a self timer haha! But anyways…I’ve selected the best looking photo of each of us and plastered them all on one photo to make a nice family pic. It’s been forever since we’ve had a nice family pic so this one turned out great! Thank God for overcast days!

I uploaded these photos to my blog because they aren’t uploading right on my facebook page. I’m so upset about it too because I have a lot of photos to upload! When I upload them they are blurry and very pixelated and really who is going to want a photographer if the photos on their page are all blurry and poor quality? So I’m seriously upset about it and have no idea what to do!

Black and White Series: Days 46 – 52

Day 46 Black and White: Light Streaks

So I was thinking and thinking about how I could do this one and was perusing through my most recent pictures and came across fireworks! So duh! I’ve never taken pictures of fireworks before so a lot of them didn’t turn out. And I didn’t have a tripod either….I was using the hood of my car and my not as still as I thought they were hands.

Day 47 Black and White: Portrait

I did this photo session a week or so ago. I really enjoyed it and a lot of the pictures turned out amazing! Visit my facebook page at They were laughing and so much fun to take pictures of. My husband and I really like this one because of the shadowy contrast with all of the highlights.

Day 48 Black and White: Flower

Pretty little lilac like flower during our horse photo shoot. The photographer that took my pictures of our wedding (Stacy Able) did something kind of like this. Hers is way better of course but I still thought I’d give it a try! I held the flower lol just because it was tangled in a mess of flowers that this seemed the easier way to do it. This was super fun! I’ve been wanting to take pictures of my friend and her horse for awhile but it seemed we kept missing each other. I had also never met her horse before and let me tell ya this horse is a gorgeous girl! She’s got a little bit of arabian in her which you can tell from her face and neck.

Day 49 Black and White: Shadows

This is one of my favorite pictures of all times. After I took it I looked at my camera and was amazed. I love this picture! I think it’s a great composition and shows shadows in black and white excellently! It really captures the blacks and the whites. It’s really a perfect portrait of a woman and her horse, she looks like of wild like the horse with her hair hanging down like it is. Have I said I love this picture? I think it really captures the beauty of how much we horse women love our horses. Not just anyone can ride and love a horse like we do. It really takes someone special like my friend here 😀

Day 50 Black and White: Water in Motion

We were over at my parent’s friend’s little cabin on the lake and a storm started blowing in. It didn’t rain much but it really made the water look deep and blue. When I look at this picture again on the preview page I can almost see the water and clouds moving. Sure was pretty!

Day 51 Black and White: Spot Color

Usually when I have trouble I look on the flickr photo pool for ideas but I’m really proud of myself haha I didn’t look! The first thing that came to mind for this one was just a spot of color in a black and white picture. I’m sure others took it that way too but I at least didn’t copy ideas off of someone else! Again it’s my first time taking pictures of fireworks and without a tripod haha so hopefully they’re not too terrible!

Day 52 Black and White: Tree

Ummmm…..tree? Haha I’m running out of ideas and I know I’ve already taken a really good picture of a tree and posted it on here so there! This is a pretty silhouette of trees with a gorgeous sunset in the background. I didn’t even realize I had taken this on my trek for more blog pictures. What a nice surprise! Ok so I just noticed something really weird. I uploaded this picture and took a look at it and it doesn’t look the same as the one I have in my file…it’s almost like the edits I made didn’t go through. The one I have saved is a little more orange and has a softer hazy effect on it. Weird!

Day 42 we never have it – Day 45

Day 42 Soda

Ok so this and the internet has been why I haven’t posted on my blog! Awful but we hardley NEVER drink soda. The only time we ever have it in our house is when our family comes to visit. And since they don’t visit too often we never seem to have it. So drink up!

Day 43 Tea

I’m an avid tea drinker. I actually think I drink so much tea my blood type is tea positive ha ha ha…yea I know lame! But in the winter time I drink a hot cup every morning to warm up and in the summer it’s ice tea all the way baby! A little contrasty and a little abstract with the close up view and contrast. I just finished a glass and am about to go make another gallon 🙂

Day 44 Wine

A nice little sip of wine every now and then 🙂 I actually really like this photo. I didn’t know the cork had all of this stuff written on it. It’s such a nice little addition that most people probably wouldn’t even notice. I’ve gone back to liking sweet wine again. Of course it’s been awhile since I even had a little sip but I lika me some sweet stuff 😀

Day 45 Cocktail

Ok so yea we don’t have cocktails so I made this one up. Pretend ok? This is about as close to a cocktail as I’m gonna get LOL. Now I was so tempted to pick up those Martguerita mixes at Walmart yesterday because they were only $1.97 and they were already pre-made. Pretty tempting 🙂