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Days 30 – 37

Day 30 Symmetry
My dog Moo is pretty symmetrical 🙂

31. Horizons
Just a normal everyday sunset on Whitehorse Road.

32. Color: Red
A purplish red leaf.

33. Color: Blue
Our Ferrelgas propane tank lol yea I know I’m getting desperate but it’s still a cool pic.

34. Color: Green
A bean plant growing!!!

35. Color: Yellow
My biggest pepper….I don’t remember what kind of pepper it is though.

36. Color: Purple
A clover. My horses are going to love their new pasture if they every get up here.

37. Color: Brown
This turned out to be an awesome pic. Koda, my cattle dog, has what is called a cracked eye. where a part of her eye has like glass crackle in it. It’s a whitish color. It’s common in the Louisiana Catahoula’s which is why we think she’s part catahoula and heeler due to her spotty coloring and the cracked eye.


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