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Day 26-28 Time to Water

Day 26 Time
Sooooo I wanted to do something like that for the time challenge. It was a 30 second exposure. I was trying to catch the airplanes and lightening bugs in the yard. I guess I should have set the exposure for them for 5 seconds. But our road doesn’t have a lot of traffic and I turned the camera around and set it down fast when I saw the neighbor coming down the road! So here’s my blur of their van with a filter from photoshop.

Day 27 Texture
Well this is either a bean plant or a weed growing in my bean plant row 😀 I’m hoping it’s a bean plant! But I love the texture in this photo….even though it’s grass growing where my beans should be.

Day 28 Water
And last but not least nasty bird bath water. I guess I need to fill it up but it’s one of those things I really don’t care about. The bird bath is located on top of the concrete cover for our septic tank….so yea.


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