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Day 25 Stormy Sky

Day 25 Sky
We had a pretty bad storm last Wednesday. There were tornado warnings and a tornado touched down in Bedford. We were in the path of the storm but luckily it swept by us without any damage. We ended up staying in the basement for the entire night. Thankfully we have a bed down there and just put our son in the pack and play. We lost power for about 24 hours. I normally love bad storms but these storms have scared me! I didn’t like these at all. It might just be because we own our house and vehicles and have a son now so it hits a little closer to home. But we had a little hail and we heard the classic freight train sound that signals a tornado. It must have been from the tornado that hit Bedford because we’re actually not too far away from where it hit. My husband and I stayed up pretty well all night hearing the thunder and listening for that sound again. We also saw 3 rotations at the end of the 1st storm but they were disappearing and didn’t have enough power behind them to actually stir anything up. I wish I had gotten pictures of them!


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