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100 Fan Facebook Contest!

To thank all of you for ‘liking’ my page I’m going to have a 100 fan giveaway! When I hit 100 fans we are going to have a contest for a free photo shoot and 8×10 of their favorite photo! All you have to do is tell your friends about Whitehorse Designs | Photography facebook page by simply updating your status saying something about trying to win a contest on my facebook page using @whitehorse…… It will link to the photography page so I know you’re participating! And then post a comment on this blog post saying something like I just entered the contest! And please keep it clean or I’ll delete it! You can enter up to 3 times. But only once per day and you have to tag Whitehorse Design facebook page each time you enter and comment back on this blog post saying you have done so. The contest will start the day I get 100 fans and it will end July 6th at 10 p.m. I will then use to select the winner! Thanks so much fans!


Days 39 – 41 Caffeine Break

Day 39 Beer

We had a pretty sunset tonight and I wanted the sunset to be in the background 🙂 silly I know! But take a drink! I’ve been having a lot of trouble keeping up with this blog! I want to remind myself to do it everyday but I either forget or think oh I can do it tomorrow. My excuse for this week is I’ve been sick with a yucky cold! But my plan is to try harder now. I haven’t gotten my camera out for like a week and I was out taking pictures with it last night and was renewed afresh with how great the pictures are!

Day 40 Coffee

I’m not a coffee fan. I found this baby spoon in that suitcase that we found in the shed loft in the woods and I forgot to put it back in there. Bad me. But it says it’s from Italy on the back of it and I thought it would look neat in this picture.

Day 41 Juice

I killed most of our fenceline with pesticide and didn’t realize it until it was too late that we have blackberries along our fenceline! So I probably killed most of them but there were a few that were left and some of them had some berries on them. I picked them and ate one of them but it was still too tart haha. But I squished it on the sink to make some juice for this pic. I put some texture in this picture. I’ve been wanting to try out some textured pictures. I really like the effect they make. I need to find and save some more to my computer!

Day 29 Shoelaces

Day 29 Shoelaces

My Columbia’s. We bought these a couple of years ago right before our honeymoon so we could go hiking. We each got a pair but the hubby doesn’t wear his very often. Not sure why because I love mine. If my son wasn’t so heavy I think we’d go hiking. But he weighs so much! I suppose the husband could always carry him. I’d be killing two birds with one stone then. Helping the husband lose some weight and well I wouldn’t be carrying him haha. I need to be thinking about symmetry next. It would be fun to go hiking and do more outdoor activities. I suppose we’ll have to wait until he’s old enough to run and carry his own weight for awhile.

Day 38 Rebel Orange

Day 38 Color: Orange
So I was at Big Lots the other day and found these pacifiers that have skulls on them. One says Rebel and the other says Stud Muffin…how could I resist when they were the brand he likes? I know I should be weaning him from these instead of buying him more but I couldn’t help myself. I’ve been waiting to wean him until his reflux clears up. Every time I think it might be clearing up he spits up everywhere. I’m hoping to have him weaned by the time he is a year if not before. Maybe I’ll throw it in there with weaning him off of breastfeeding. So here he is 🙂

Days 30 – 37

Day 30 Symmetry
My dog Moo is pretty symmetrical 🙂

31. Horizons
Just a normal everyday sunset on Whitehorse Road.

32. Color: Red
A purplish red leaf.

33. Color: Blue
Our Ferrelgas propane tank lol yea I know I’m getting desperate but it’s still a cool pic.

34. Color: Green
A bean plant growing!!!

35. Color: Yellow
My biggest pepper….I don’t remember what kind of pepper it is though.

36. Color: Purple
A clover. My horses are going to love their new pasture if they every get up here.

37. Color: Brown
This turned out to be an awesome pic. Koda, my cattle dog, has what is called a cracked eye. where a part of her eye has like glass crackle in it. It’s a whitish color. It’s common in the Louisiana Catahoula’s which is why we think she’s part catahoula and heeler due to her spotty coloring and the cracked eye.

Day 26-28 Time to Water

Day 26 Time
Sooooo I wanted to do something like that for the time challenge. It was a 30 second exposure. I was trying to catch the airplanes and lightening bugs in the yard. I guess I should have set the exposure for them for 5 seconds. But our road doesn’t have a lot of traffic and I turned the camera around and set it down fast when I saw the neighbor coming down the road! So here’s my blur of their van with a filter from photoshop.

Day 27 Texture
Well this is either a bean plant or a weed growing in my bean plant row 😀 I’m hoping it’s a bean plant! But I love the texture in this photo….even though it’s grass growing where my beans should be.

Day 28 Water
And last but not least nasty bird bath water. I guess I need to fill it up but it’s one of those things I really don’t care about. The bird bath is located on top of the concrete cover for our septic tank….so yea.

Day 25 Stormy Sky

Day 25 Sky
We had a pretty bad storm last Wednesday. There were tornado warnings and a tornado touched down in Bedford. We were in the path of the storm but luckily it swept by us without any damage. We ended up staying in the basement for the entire night. Thankfully we have a bed down there and just put our son in the pack and play. We lost power for about 24 hours. I normally love bad storms but these storms have scared me! I didn’t like these at all. It might just be because we own our house and vehicles and have a son now so it hits a little closer to home. But we had a little hail and we heard the classic freight train sound that signals a tornado. It must have been from the tornado that hit Bedford because we’re actually not too far away from where it hit. My husband and I stayed up pretty well all night hearing the thunder and listening for that sound again. We also saw 3 rotations at the end of the 1st storm but they were disappearing and didn’t have enough power behind them to actually stir anything up. I wish I had gotten pictures of them!

Day 22 – 24 Button your Frog

Day 22 Button

This is too cute! I ordered this outfit because my wonderful husband bought me some baseball photo props for our son for Mother’s Day. And the buttons have baseballs on them =) can’t resist the cuteness. Hopefully I will be able to post some photos of him in the baseball outfit soon…I just need my husband’s help to hold him still since he’s a wiggly little squirt!

Day 23 Fill the Frame
Pretty flowers that came up down the road at the church.

Day 24 Shallow Depth of Field
Ahh this will be the froggie I saw outside. It’s a little tree frog that was just hanging out on our fence that we were in the process of tearing down. Froggie!!! I love the macro zoom option on my lens. It is a little annoying that I have to switch a button and have to focus/refocus to switch the button but I still love it.

Day 21 Fire

Day 21 Fire

UGH it took me forever to get this post up! And the funny thing is is that I’m a fire bug! Haha! Anyways I wanted to do an exposure of the fire so I left the exposure on for 15 seconds to get this picture. I had another one that I liked better but I moved the camera accidentally when I pressed the shutter…need to invest in a shutter release cord. I had a remote for the other camera but it doesn’t work with this one. I liked the swirlies in the one I’m not posting because there were more of them but oh well!