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Days 18 & 19

Day 18 & 19 Clouds and Silhouettes

I just happened to have taken these pictures the last couple of days. I took the clouds one last night as I was dropping my husband off in the parking lot to pick up his card and the silhouettes today when I was at The Commons. I wish I had gotten a chance to take the photo out on some corn field or wheat field. The sun was very big looking in the sky that evening but by the time I had gotten out of town it was already down. I believe the steeple is from First Christian Church in Columbus Indiana and the silhouettes are the little c’s on the side of The Commons glass window/walls. I didn’t realize they were little c’s until I walked by. How neat is that!!! But anyways the new Commons is amazing. Everyone needs to go out and see it and it was totally worth the wait! I can’t believe how big it is inside. it doesn’t look that big from the outside but they did a good job with the space. It’s so modern and sleek looking!


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