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Day 16 Reflection

Day 16 Reflection

For some odd reason I kept thinking that this picture had to be a reflection of myself. That was the only thing I was thinking of. Then I looked in the Flickr pool and saw oh yes reflection can be a reflection of anything! So who do I choose 🙂 of course my son! My step-sister said her baby likes to ‘kiss’ the reflection of herself so I thought I would see what he would do. He gets very excited when he sees other babies. He makes his ohhh ouhh noise and starts getting really wiggly and jumping up and down. He squeals and wants to play with them. He’s such a little flirt too! So instead of trying to kiss the other baby he got really excited to see this other baby and was probably thinking he was about to get a play buddy!


One response

  1. maryf58

    awwwww……he is so cute!!!!!

    May 10, 2011 at 6:21 am

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