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Little Miss Whitney

This is little Miss Whitney.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted!!! I haven’t been particularly busy just lazy haha. I have been majorly slacking on my 365 day photo challenge so I thought I would at least post something since I took these pics last night. We had fun playing and taking pictures. Mom had to get the bubbles out but they ended up distracting her more =) but when it came right down to it the bunny snacks worked the best to bribe a few more smiles out of her. Her mommy is a friend from our church group in Columbus and we have small group every other week on Wednesdays. Whitney loves to play and run and always asks about Baby Kejic who used her rocking chair for awhile! She’s very protective of her rocking chair! She was very excited about her very own photo shoot and we had a lot of fun!!! The pictures turned out great she has such beautiful eyes! Thanks!


Day 20 Flag

Day 20 Flag

I searched and searched for a flag. Couldn’t seem to find what I wanted so I typed in flag and hit images in the search box and up pops blue flag iris’. I thought that sounded like a great idea! But when I went looking for these iris’ today haha they were all gone =( I guess the cold weather either killed them or they’re hibernating because of the cold weather or their season is done. But anyways as I was driving around looking for them in a ditch instead of someone’s yard I saw a couple of them that were the wrong color so I pulled into the driveway of a house down the road from us that is empty and there’s a big flag! Right under my nose! That’s how it works =) now hopefully I can continue to catch up on the rest of these!

Days 18 & 19

Day 18 & 19 Clouds and Silhouettes

I just happened to have taken these pictures the last couple of days. I took the clouds one last night as I was dropping my husband off in the parking lot to pick up his card and the silhouettes today when I was at The Commons. I wish I had gotten a chance to take the photo out on some corn field or wheat field. The sun was very big looking in the sky that evening but by the time I had gotten out of town it was already down. I believe the steeple is from First Christian Church in Columbus Indiana and the silhouettes are the little c’s on the side of The Commons glass window/walls. I didn’t realize they were little c’s until I walked by. How neat is that!!! But anyways the new Commons is amazing. Everyone needs to go out and see it and it was totally worth the wait! I can’t believe how big it is inside. it doesn’t look that big from the outside but they did a good job with the space. It’s so modern and sleek looking!

Day 17 Electronics – Chaos

Day 17 Electronics

Soooo I got to visit my good friend at The Commons today and see her offices and she took me on a tour of The Commons. I’m super excited about the playground! I can’t wait to take my son there but not this weekend since it’s opening weekend haha. I’ve looked and looked for something interesting to take a photo of for electronics. I was really wanting to take a picture of some vintage electronics like an old telephone or something but I couldn’t find anything. Then my friend told me that Chaos has kinetic energy which is the energy which it possesses due to its motion. It is defined as the work needed to accelerate a body of a given mass from rest to its stated velocity. Having gained this energy during its acceleration, the body maintains this kinetic energy unless its speed changes. The same amount of work is done by the body in decelerating from its current speed to a state of rest. (wikipedia) Even though I cheated yet again and kinetic energy isn’t actually electricity it’s still kind of like an electronic in that it kinetic energy can produce electricity and chaos works in a way that doesn’t use electricity but kind of makes it own since it uses kinetic energy. Anyways I thought this was a cool picture. =) So I can’t wait to see it in action!

Day 16 Reflection

Day 16 Reflection

For some odd reason I kept thinking that this picture had to be a reflection of myself. That was the only thing I was thinking of. Then I looked in the Flickr pool and saw oh yes reflection can be a reflection of anything! So who do I choose 🙂 of course my son! My step-sister said her baby likes to ‘kiss’ the reflection of herself so I thought I would see what he would do. He gets very excited when he sees other babies. He makes his ohhh ouhh noise and starts getting really wiggly and jumping up and down. He squeals and wants to play with them. He’s such a little flirt too! So instead of trying to kiss the other baby he got really excited to see this other baby and was probably thinking he was about to get a play buddy!

Day 15 Let ’em fly

Day 15 Zipper

I was looking through the flickr stream of photos trying to get ideas for a zipper. I didn’t really like any of the zipper photos of the zipper on pants. I thought they were being too provocative or obvious since that’s what everyone thinks of when you think of a zipper usually. But then I remembered I had this pair of Wranglers that had this tag on the inside of the zipper that I always thought was cute plus the horse shoes on the pockets. So yes I did the obvious even though I tried to look for zippers elsewhere I still went with the provocative crotch zipper =)

Days 12-14 Minimize the Fruit & Lines

Day 12 Minimalism
Beautiful flowers. Simplicity, plainness, unfussiness, cleanness, austereness, starkness, restraint.

Day 13 Fruit
So since I didn’t have any fruit lying around I chose the fruit of a flower down the road. It’s taking me longer than I thought to get these photos on here. I’m still trying for the photo a day but alas much harder than I thought!!! Hopefully soon I will get my jogging stroller and be able to venture out a little more instead of sticking close to the house =)

Day 14 Lines
The lines of wood. This is a cross that is in front of a church down the road. The only good quote I can think of is…Walk the Line.

As sure as night is dark and day is light
I keep you on my mind both day and night
And happiness I’ve known proves that it’s right
Because you’re mine, I walk the line – Johnny Cash

Day 11 Landscape

Day 11 Landscape

I thought I was going to have to wait to find a landscape but I was just going through my photos from the last couple of days and forgot we had a rainbow the other day!!! What a perfect landscape! It’s still me cheating because it’s my backyard but it’s a rainbow so I get to cheat =)