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Before I start

I do want to put one post before I start my challenge….a picture of myself with ten little known facts since that is a popular facebook option 🙂

1) I really dislike teenagers sometimes…I know I was one but the ones of this age lack in respect and have absolutely no morals.

2) I count things in my head and when something isn’t even it bothers me…I want a symmetrical house on the outside.

3) I’m a little OCD, I move stuff so it’s even and put things in line. All of the furniture matches up with the lines on the floor and would be centered by the windows if it was possible. And sometimes I have crazy moments where I’m really goofy and like to scream or change the words to songs to make them fit my mood or something silly. I almost never remember the words to songs so most of the stuff is made up anyways 🙂

4) I know ‘stuff’ happens but I believe in doing things right…I believe in marriage and waiting to have children until you’re married…and if you aren’t then I believe in getting married as soon as you know. It’s a huge pet peeve. I guess I feel if you don’t love the person enough to have kids with them then you shouldn’t be having sex with them. And if you’re not in love…well.

5) The teens at my church give me hope for the future. Seeing them singing and worshiping God makes my heart sing.

6) I love Do It Yourself projects!

7) I know it shouldn’t but it depresses me when I see others succeeding in what I can only hope to succeed in.

8) I don’t understand ‘guy language.’ when guys talk cars I go back into my blank stare faze and think about horses 🙂

9) I haven’t had a migraine since the beginning part of my pregnancy! I think they were hormone caused…we’ll see what happens when I stop breastfeeding but I don’t think I’m going back on birth control!

10) I love finding grammatical and spelling errors in books and circling them if I can!!!


2 responses

  1. maryf58

    You are just too cute! Now that I know these things about you ,It makes me a better mom inlaw and I’ll try to avoid those things that “get” to ya! Haha…love ya!!!

    April 20, 2011 at 7:21 pm

  2. whitehorsedesigns

    Haha I don’t think any of them apply to my mother in law 🙂 which is probably a good thing!!! Just so long as you don’t come and rearrange all of my furniture and make it all crooked I think we’ll be good 😀

    April 21, 2011 at 10:03 pm

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