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Pasha in the Sun

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I was looking online for artistic horsey checks (yea I know I’m a dork 😉 and up pops artistic horsey paintings…so I got an idea for a painting. I found an interesting picture of my beautiful and wondering (you can tell I haven’t ridden her in awhile if I’m complimenting her like this) horse Pasha and changed it around a little to start a painting with it. I’m using acrylics. I haven’t really been painting much since college and my son. So it’s a nice change. I did those two paintings of my nieces and was surprised at how well they turned out. I have this wonderful talent that I never use because it’s so boring to sit down and copy something to a painting or a piece of paper but this painting has been very very fun. It’s been such a fun painting because I’m out of my box. I’m experimenting with color and texture. It’s such a nice feeling. I’m not even trying to make it the same as the photo which is a new experience for me. I think it’s turning out beautifully but I still have a long way to go. Again I used my phone to take cruddy photos 😦 I should have used my camera….the colors are much brighter than what they appear but you’ll see that soon when I put up good pictures of it when it’s finished. I don’t know why they turn out so cruddy on wordpress but not on facebook?

Anyways hopefully I’ll be posting more soon because I have some great news!!!! First of all we’re a one mortgage family again because our other house sold last week. That has been a great relief off of our shoulders. And secondly the Nikon D700 is made in Japan and according to Ken Rockwell they are disappearing fast! So my husband and I decided to go ahead and buy one for me but Roberts (in Indy) was out and everywhere else they were going for $2699 or higher until I found one on Sam’s Club website. I found it for an amazing price but when I went to order it the price jumped $140! I was so upset because I was hoping that extra money would go towards my lens but my husband still gave me the go ahead (wonderful man 🙂 and I bought it. But I also called Sam’s Club and asked them why the price jumped so much and I explained that I had been about to order it when the price jumped. I didn’t complain or act snotty or anything like that…was just asking. So they took my number and said that the buyer would get back to me. I didn’t expect them to get back to me or anything but they did and offered me a one time only refund of the $140. I was completely amazed! Thank you so much Sam’s Club!!!! You’ve saved me some money that I will be putting towards a lens hopefully Monday or Tuesday when my wonderful piece of equipment arrives!


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