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My First Garden

Well we went to Rural King the other day and bought a bunch of seeds to start our first garden! I’m so excited. I need to go buy an Almanac so I can have it with me to read and re-read as much as possible. But unfortunately we have to put it in the front yard 😦 because we only have one spicket on our property and it’s in the front of the house. But I have to keep it away from that stupid looking oddly placed tree in our front yard yet keep it far enough away from the house so it doesn’t get tore up during our house construction. We have to dig around our house and seal the blocks with rubber sealer this summer. Oh and I have to keep it away from where we are going to put the horse fence!!!! But anyways we’re going to plant carrots, corn, tomatoes (starting today inside), green beans, lettuce, broccoli, marigolds, and a few kinds of peppers. I can’t wait! The pictures are the site of my future garden taken with my phone so sorry they’re kind of icky quality.


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