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DIY Ottoman Almost Finished

Well my husband cut the pieces and even screwed everything together for my ottoman! I was so excited I had to start putting the fabric on it at once. But the little one was asleep so I couldn’t do the stapling 🙂 just cutting and painting. I painted the inside of the ottoman and the inside of the lid and lips of the lid. We decided to have the colored side on the bottom part and the dark solid side on the lid. I bought quilting batting at Joann’s Fabric and used some extra pieces for the corners to make them softer. So now all we’re waiting for is the feet. They are an inch tall which will end up making the ottoman a little taller than I had expected but that’s because I didn’t think about what kind of cushiony material I would put on the lid. I ended up cutting up and using a piece of eggshell foam that went on a twin bed. I just folded it in half and put a piece of batting on it to shape it better. So….it’s a little taller but that’s ok. It will be sooo useful! The material doesn’t match the living room as much as I had hoped. I probably should have done it all in the same color but I still like the colors. Now I just have to figure out what to put in it 🙂 I was thinking about using it for blankets or all of my crochet stuff. Or I could put my computer on it so we can get rid of our little tables. They definitely aren’t baby safe and the ottoman is definitely more baby friendly. Even when he’s walking he’ll still have trouble getting the lid off because it’s snug.


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