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My Do It Yourself Projects

I have two projects I’m working on and I’m sooooo excited! The first one is a wooden horse wall decoration. I started with a simpler design of my logo horse and I was having trouble with the design because it didn’t flow the way I wanted it to. So my husband asked me why I didn’t just stick with the original design….well I didn’t know he could cut the wood in such an intricate design! So he took his amazing wood cutting powers and cut this horse out for me and the top piece. I used his Dremel to soften the edges of the top piece and have been staining it light cherry the last couple of days. I tested the stain on scrap pieces of wood to try to match it to my bedroom suite. But for some odd reason it’s not matching up like it was on the scrap piece. So I don’t know if I should stain it with another dark stain on top of the light cherry or what. I’m also contemplating painting the mane, tail, and hooves black or staining them the same color as the top piece. But here is what it looks like so far.

My other project is a storage ottoman. I’ve been wanting one for our living room so bad but I haven’t found one in the right color to match our furniture or in a decent price range. They’re all so expensive. So I decided we would build one. We bought the plywood at Menards the other night and I went to Joann’s Fabric the other day and bought some clearance material. So I’m hoping when it’s built and I put this fabric on it I will like it. Here is a link to the plans except I changed the dimensions on it a little bit because I don’t want to go buy another piece of plywood from Menards and I wanted mine deeper. I’m still trying to find some furniture bun feet that are about an inch tall and are rectangular or square.

And here are my plans…my numbers are in big brown font. If there isn’t a change then I’m keeping it the same. 🙂



Well it’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  I’ve been a little down in the dumps.  The whole photography thing.  I wanted to use this site to take photos every day and I find that I don’t have time.  My little guy is very demanding.  I think he’s starting to teeth or something.  He’s been very fussy the last couple of weeks so mommy hasn’t had time to do much of anything but relax in my time off haha.

Here’s a video of him giggling 🙂 this is his first game of peek-a-boo that made him laugh like this.

But I’m attempting to get back out there and it seems like spring may be on it’s way so warmer weather means more time spent outside so hopefully I’ll be able to take more photos soon.  I’ve sold a few diaper covers and hats on Etsy.  The mindless crocheting is a stress reliever 🙂

I started a project I’ll post when I’m done.  My husband and I went to Menards today and bought some boards for me to cut out horses to put on the wall.  Well he’s going to be the one to cut them out because I’m afraid of the ban saw!  I’ve obsessing over decorating the house and making it look presentable.  I feel like I need a very thrifty interior designer.  I want to build bookshelves downstairs and a storage ottoman for the living room.   I think accomplishing these tasks will make me feel better about myself.

Winter Ice Storm 2011

Well we had quite the ice storm here in Nashville.  I kind of wish we had gotten the 6-12 inches of snow instead of the ice but the ice coating the trees did make it look really pretty out.  We lost power for about 40 hours.  My husband and his dad had just installed our gas fireplace the weekend before we lost power so I think we ended up pretty lucky.  We have a huge living room and we just closed it off with a blanket, drug our bed in there, and turned up the gas!  It was sort of fun the first night but the 2nd night we had 2 power surges that left us disappointed and hoping that the power would come back on but it didn’t.  The living room smelled like an aromatherapy store lol with all of the candles we had burning.  It wasn’t as fun with a baby though.  I think he sensed our boredom and was bored as well.  So I don’t think we would make it as Amish people.  Got to have our electronics!

I think I’m pretty well sold on the Verizon MIFI thingy though because even through the wind and awful storm we were getting I still had internet so long as the MIFI battery and my computer’s battery worked 🙂

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