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Snow day=PHOTOS

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I love snow!  Most people complain and whine about snow and how much trouble it is but hey if it’s going to be this dang cold outside it might as well snow!  Plus we have Subaru’s which helps out quite a bit 🙂 my husband made me take a few pictures of his Baja so he could post them on a forum to show off his Yokahama Geolandar ATS tires.  Well he’s a big dork 🙂 but I still love him.  And he’s right the Subaru’s do get around a lot better in the snow that normal vehicles thanks to the AWD system.  Love my Forester….lol

So my husband took me for a drive down the road along beautiful Brown County so I could take a few pictures.  I love to play with the settings on my camera so I can learn how to use them better so I had fun.  I took my tripod because it was getting dark fast and I was glad I took it because it enabled me to take a few nice pictures. I edited a bluer sky into the tree photo…and it was sooo easy to do thanks to CS5.  All I had to do was refine the edge in the selection I made of the sky and I used the gradient tool with white on one end and blue sky on the other to create sky.

My poor son and I are sick so we have been lazing around all day so it was nice to get out and about.  It’s harder than I thought with a 4 month old trying to keep up with this 365 photos a day.  I’m thinking about making a small studio in the basement so that may help me out a little.


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  1. Dora

    Do the basement studio…it will be soooo worth it….been looking at a lovely old house in the city…..been vacant for about 6 months…..was given the key to look inside and totally want it. Studio city…sunroom and crazy old garage with pulley type garage door opener and basement with too much character….gotta get up the nerve to ask if it is for sell. The fireplace is the bomb….could see some awesome family Christmas pics in front of that with vintage/primitive stockings…etc. yeah…a dream of mine to have a live-in studio. Love your pics!

    January 20, 2011 at 9:16 pm

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